Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Warford instructions

Position for the aircraft magneto

This morning i took the cover plate off the ring gear housing, the plate covers the openingused for a starter motor. looks like it will make a perfect mounting position for the 4 cylinder magneto donated by Grizzy. The plan is to drive it from a sprocket driven by the camshaft, positioned where the timer currently sits. then a 1:1 chain drive to the mag

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Today i picked up a box from the parcelforce offfice with a Nebraska postmark! Got home and opened it up to find a well packed Warford auxiliary transmission 8) From the 3 detent positions on the gearchange shaft its a 2 speed with neutral box.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dropping the steering column

Decided to start dropping the steering column last night, the column was welded (roughly) to the firewall but the weld had broken, so the column was only supported by the chassis bolts, I loosened thes off leaving just the one going horizontally through the chassis and dropped the column until it rested on the pedals, then lifted it slightly and supported it with a stra
this get st he steering wheel down at the right level for a lower seat height, but leaves me with the wheel a bit too far away! Looks like the column has been shortened by about 6" at one time - i'll need to turn up some ecetension slugs to re-stretch the column

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sparks will be provided by..............

an ex aircraft 4 cylinder magneto which will be driven from a chain drive, sprocket running where the timing device sits - nose of the camshaft
Magneto's (2 of them) kindly donated by my mate Grizz, 2nd one is in case I build a twin motor T ;-)

Finally inside the workshop, ready to get into the motor

First job is to get the head off and give the motor a clean up

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Well, the snows nearly gone!!

Pulled the old horse rug off the T today to see that all was ok, still there still turning over on the crank handle, still got that horrible orange plastic seat!!!!!

So 10 minutes of spanner time, 1/2 an hour of rummaging in the shed later, Ive got a nice period hillbilly arse perch! Courtesy of a 1930's Albion tractor.

Next job is to get it inside the workshop and give everything a good service and check over, there's a few bushes needing done in the front end, and the matter of brakes to be addressed!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Twin Engined T from Wichita

I was looking at this twin engined T on the NWVS site last night - just blows me away!

This morning I sent the web site fella at NWVS site an email and asked if he had any more info about the twin engined T, this evening he replied with the builder's phone number and some more piccies.
I'm just off the phone to Gary LeFever, the guy's in his 70's runs a 100bhp Rajo engined T hillclimber ( lookey here ) and built the twin motored job a couple of years ago.

The front motor came out of a Model T engined airplane, its got pressure fed oil system and came with the rear of the motor cut away where the prop was driven, so no transmission.

The two motors are joined with a chain connection, then mounted solidly onto a standard length T chassis ( he says it vibrates a bit but it's bearable).

Rear motor has hi comp pistons and the cranks is standard splash feed. The rear motor runs a bit hot so he's plumbed in a small electric water pump to help cool it down run off a thermo switch.

Bodywork was built by a mate, it runs a standard T 2 speed trans no mods, pulls like a train but is no match for his Rajo, hes had it up to about 60mph but hasnt pushed it any further - lots more on tap.

Timed both motors in parallel, four big bangs! says hes tried all the configurations thats wot works best

Runs one carb feeding both motors, says hes tried 2, 4 and 1, 1 works best!

Really cool old gent with a proper Wichita Kansas accent, a pleasure to talk to!