Monday, 11 November 2019

The Gin Runner comes to life...

Almost a year of short T breaks, 10 minutes here, 1/2 an hour there.. fitting new valves, cleaning up and freeing off all of the pedals and linkages and getting the radiator re-cored. Fitting a modified Model A manifold and the SU carb I used on my old Indian with a 90 degree adapter, fitting a Texas T distributer (kindly lent by my mate Shaun).
Four weeks ago I pulled the T out of the barn, jacked up the back wheel ( to let it spin and free the transmission off) pulled the choke on  cranked the motor over twice to prime, switched on the ignition and second crank she fired and kept running :) A few adjustments here and there later I was driving around the paddock. The motor feels crisp and responsive and its driving in all 3 gears.
There's a still a bit to do tidying up the body tub and the emergency brakes to sort out but with the road wheels and tyres on it should be roadworthy in the new year. It needs some fettling, the SU and inlet manifold needs modified to clear the bonnet, the ignition feed cable tidied etc. but, it is finally a runner! :)

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